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How To Take Bach™ Original Flower Remedies


Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are natural remedies you can take in a variety of ways.

Straight from the bottle

Each Bach™ remedy is ready to be taken straight from the bottle, simply apply two drops directly to your tongue when required.

Mix with a handy drink

Add two drops of your selected remedy, or remedies into a glass of water.

Sip your mix at intervals throughout the day or until you feel better in yourself. It’s a great way to take your Bach® remedies during a busy day.

Make a personal mix

Bach™ flower remedies can be mixed to create your own personal combination for your situation.

In a 30 mL mixing bottle add two drops of each of your chosen remedies (up to 7 different remedies). Fill the remainder of the bottle with spring water. Take four drops at least four times per day.

Your personal mix can last between two and three weeks if you keep it in a cool dry place or store it in the fridge, Alternately, you can add a preservative: before putting the water into your mixing bottle, add one teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar or glycerin. This will help to preserve it.